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"Changing into shapes we appreciate"

Dr. Arletha (Angel) Lands

Angel's personal/Specific Sports Training Fitness Center is a structured center that provides a multi-spectacular fitness and health service to women on a individual/personal basis.  The center also curtails to each individual need as well as implements a variety of areas to be trained.  Areas such as; core training, weight loss, nutrition and herbal plans, bodybuilding, body-toning and sculpturing, dance training, athletic training (sport specific), physical therapy, rehabilitation and a total body conditioning and composition plan. The focus of the programs is to fulfill the needs of all members.  Also educate women mentally as well as help to build a healthy body, and a motivational mind in receiving a concise of knowledge on health and fitness.

APSTF center is a private center founded in 1987 in the southern state of Baton Rouge Louisiana.  The center moved in 1989 to Oakland California where it became a on the road fitness program for women and later moved to Richmond, California in 2002 until 2010, then moved back to Oakland, California where the need for minority women health is more needed. Our Oakland center offers women personalized/group physical fitness training, health education programs and nutrition services to help in "Eliminating Health Disparities among Minority Women within rural communities."

The center is run by Dr. Angel (Arletha) Lands, a kinesiologist of Exercise physiology; Heath education; Physical education K-12th and College, Exercise Nutrition and wellness, Sports Medicine, Master Trainer and  Physical and Massage Therapist; Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Nutritionist and ARC instructor; certified Reflexologist.  Dr. Lands have acquired extensive educational credentials in her field:

  • MD In Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

  • PhD in Public/Community Health Practitioner

  • MBA Healthcare Management

  • MS Exercise Physiology

  • BS Kinesiology/Exercise Nutrition and Wellness

  • BA Professional Fitness and Nutrition

  • Holistic Health Practitioner

  • Registered Nurse - Cardiovascular Health

  • AS Health and Natural Science

  • AA Social and Behavioral Health

  • AA Business Administration/Management

  • AA Child Development

  • AA Dance Choreography

  • Career Diploma: Physical Therapy Aide

  • Certifications:

  • NHI- Massage Therapist

  • Nursing Assistant

  • NASM Professional Health educator/Master Personal Trainer

  • ISSA Personal Trainer

  • American Red Cross Instructor

  • ACE, 24Hour, ALPHA, American Aquatic Trainer.......multiple certifications in fitness etc

  • affiliated member of the AAPHERD; APHA, OTA, ARC; and International Coaches Association and Health and Fitness Institute

Dr. Lands in her devotion of 35 years in the physical fitness, Public health and health education industry helping those who want to help themselves maintain a healthier lifestyle  has developed this center for all women to enhance their physical lifestyle for the purpose of improving their overall health.  as part of her educational background in kinesiologist of physical education, exercise & wellness, she has developed various health manuals and physical educational curriculum programs for universities, charter schools, academies, private and public schools alike. This center is structured to provide a multi-spectacular service to all in need of a personal touch of fitness.

  The business was founded on the basis of minority women health and still continues its journey on helping women to become more healthy. For over 30 years the organization has proved a faithful services to women.

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